Custom Development Benefits of User Experience (UX) Training

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Key Results

Learning the Custom Development Benefits of User Experience (UX) Training


The University of Massachusetts (UMass) is a world-class public research university comprised of four campuses, each offering a unique educational experience. 

UMass hired UX 4Sight to initially teach 37 of its top application developers an Introduction to User Experience best practices course. This select group of application developers belonged to UMass’s President’s Office, a partner with the campuses pursuing the collective mission of creating affordable, high-quality education for students. 

Due to an NDA with UMass, we do not include all the details in this case study.


UMass’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems needed to function seamlessly across its campuses and work effectively for the students using its software applications.

Its staff of custom application developers had a thorough understanding of its ERP and applications, but they needed to be certain that their applications were designed appropriately for the students.


The main goal of the course was to teach the developers how to best design and develop custom applications for its users by leveraging UX best practices. 


After completing the first course, the group found the UX training to be a major success and requested two additional UX courses:

  • User-Centered Web and Application Design.
  • Web and Application User Research.

We have now certified a select group of these developers to become UX Certified (UXC).

They learned the value of UX training and the benefits of leveraging UX best practices, which include: 

Reduced redesign and development costs. When we apply the right strategic UX methods to custom develop the applications for users, we shorten development costs. According to the Strategic Data Consulting special report, UX Business Impacts and ROI, “UX investments made in the conceptual phase reduce development time by 33 to 50%.”

Reduced maintenance costs. Pressman found that 80% of software costs occur in the maintenance phase due to unforeseen user requirements. So, when we proactively apply an effective UX methodology, we can mitigate factors that contribute to the downstream maintenance costs.

Decreased help desk calls. Customers can more easily use the websites and applications designed with the right UX and are less likely to get confused and reach out to the help desk. This reduces Average Handle Time (AHT). For Verizon Wireless, UX 4Sight has helped innovate UX solutions that saved its call center many millions in AHT.

Lowered training costs. The cost-saving potential if your business tools were intuitively designed and easy to master can be huge. You would save training costs in the onboarding process. For example, we leveraged strategic UX design principles to reduce Verizon Wireless’s call center staff training time from weeks to days.

Key Results

Learning the Custom Development Benefits of User Experience (UX) Training

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