bitcoin of america
Case Study

UX/UI website design for a 67% boost in online account conversions

Key Result

Boosted online account conversions by 67% improving from 881 to 1307 Reduced bounce rate by 25% dropping from 59% to 47%

Project Type
  • Intuitive Applications ,
  • Persuasive Websites


Bitcoin of America (BOA) is a digital currency exchange service. BOA allows customers to exchange bitcoin and other crypto-currencies online through wire transfers. BOA also blends its online convenient access with its app, and its nationwide physical ATM and teller locations.

When BOA contacted UX 4Sight, it was struggling to develop an intuitive website and app that would encourage account conversions and instill consumer confidence. Since 75% of revenue comes from online transactions, reducing bounce rate and boosting conversions was crucial.

Due to an NDA with BOA, we do not include all the details in this case study.

“ It was a pleasure working with UX 4Sight. The team was very knowledgeable and completely transformed our website to be user friendly. Their tips were great, and definitely something that we would not think of ourselves, but turned out to be extremely beneficial.”

- Alice Gorodetsky Business Development Director, Bitcoin of America  

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